Explore Innovative Solutions & Products at CHINACOAT2018 Guangzhou

The global coatings market is rapidly changing with increasing demands for new technologies that offer additional functionalities and improved sustainability. Take a look at this section for innovative solutions and products from some of our exhibitors.

ZONE 7 - China & International Raw Materials

ElementisNUOSPERSE® FX 7500W waterborne polymeric wetting & dispersing agent

NUOSPERSE® FX 7500W is a new generation waterborne polymeric dispersant which is designed for pigment wetting and dispersing in waterborne industrial coatings and inks. It contains special structure of multiple pigment adsorption groups and water compatible polymer chains which can strongly adsorb onto pigment surfaces and protects pigments through steric hindrance. It reduces pigment grinding time and mill base viscosity; prevents pigment re-flocculation and optimizes color development and gloss. NUOSPERSE®FX 7500W has dual functional structure which provides wetting and dispersing functions without being influenced by electrolytes in the system. The coating formulation can be easily designed by testing optimal dosage of NUOSPERSE®FX 7500W.
[Booth No.:1.1E01-12]

Qingdao FUSO offers ultra-high purity colloidal silica and organic acids
Qingdao FUSO has a strict control of ultra-high purity colloidal silica production, including metal ions volume (total metal ions below 1ppm), particle shape and size, to ensure its stability. Qingdao FUSO launches ordinary colloidal silica which can be used in various industries. They can make the coatings firm, improve its dirt pickup resistance and fire resistance, as well as slow down its physical aging.
[Booth No.:2.1J05]

Allnex: green technologies
In September 2016, Allnex and Nuplex Industries, a global manufacturer of resins, were brought together to form an industrial coating resins company globally. Allnex produces coating resins and additives for architectural, industrial, protective, automotive and special purpose coatings and inks. We offer the broadest portfolio of high quality, innovative liquid resins and additives, radiation cured and powder coating resins, and crosslinkers for use on wood, metal, plastic, and other surfaces. A critical focus of our R&D strategy is to increase the use of sustainable raw material in order to deliver safe solutions to help our customers stay ahead of continually evolving regulations.
[Booth No.:2.1E15-20]

DayGlo Color daylight fluorescent pigments
Day-Glo Color Corp. specializes in manufacturing fluorescent pigments. The company develops technologies that improve and enhance any color, from subtle specialty effects, to glowing-the-dark pigments, to its classic range of fluorescents that react under black light. DayGlo has served the world's color marketplace since the 1930s.
Day Glo Color
[Booth No.:1.1E37-41]

Guangdong PASSION water-in-water multicolor paint raw materials
Guangdong PASSION specializes in manufacturing water-in-water multicolor paint raw materials and waterborne coatings raw materials, which include A-628 cross-linking protectants. A-628 cross-linking protectants are easily soluble in water. The base paint poured into its aqueous solution to granulate, increasing the particle toughness, making the particles resistant to shear, not easily broken. A-628 can be applied for preparing an aqueous solution of a cross-linking protective agent for granulation.
Guangdong Passion
[Booth No.:1.2F21/23]

CORECHEM Hyperlev F40 waterborne wetting agent
Corechem (Shanghai) New Material Technology Co., Ltd. will showcase Hyperlev F40, a waterborne wetting agent, made of Gemini silicone, acquires the characteristics of super wetting, porosity, self-defoaming, leveling.

[Booth No.:2.2D17-24]

BYK-3456 silicone-containing additive for improving substrate
BYK-3456 is a fluorine-free silicone additive that greatly reduces the dynamic and static surface tension. Even rough and porous substrates (e.g. wood) are wetted perfectly. As BYK-3456 is active both at the interface to the substrate and at the surface, the additive simultaneously improves substrate wetting and leveling. In contrast with many other additives, however, BYK3456 does not stabilize foam.
[Booth No.:1.1D01-10]

Ashland Natrosol™ HMHEC series
Cosolvent is one of the major raw materials in waterborne industrial coating formulations. However, for commonly used associative thickeners, the cosolvent can destroy its established associations. Some coating systems may create several issues, such as low thickening efficiency, instability, and sagging. Ashland Natrosol HMHEC series are used in waterborne industrial coatings, especially in two-component epoxy and epoxy resin formulations, which can significantly increase the thickening efficiency. Long-term storage coating, its viscosity becomes more stable with no paint float color issue, and excellent anti-sagging performance during spraying.
[Booth No.:2.1D31-36]

JELEE waterborne anti-corrosive coatings resins
JELEE acrylic-epoxy system mainly contains silicone-modified acrylic resin. The crosslinking reaction with the epoxy emulsion allows the coatings film formation to acquire both advantages of acrylic and epoxy resins, including fast drying, good anticorrosiveproperties, and high-performance finishing. The production time of coatings, made of these materials, is equivalent to that of solvent-based products. Its salt fog resistance is about 300 hours with 1h of full dry hardness, and 15 days of pot life. It can be used to prepare primer top coatings for various machinery products due to its high durability.
[Booth No.:2.2D17-24]

Ti-PureTM TS6200: new generation of super durability TiO2 from Chemours Titanium Technology
The new generation of the TS6200 uses a dual-repeat coating process of amorphous alumina and silica, which not only provides superior gloss and color retention, but also improves hiding power and gloss. At the same time, the innovative organic treatment of the pigment further enhances its wetting and dispersibility in the coating system. In the aqueous system, the relatively traditional durability TiO2 can significantly reduce the demand for dispersing wetting agent, thereby helping the film to enhance resistance, and would be an excellent choice for developing weatherable waterborne industrial paints.
[Booth No.:2.1B01-06]

Huber Engineered Materials offers organic flatting and effect agents, ATH, calcined aluminas
Huber Engineered Materials will be showcasing: Pergopak® organic flatting and effect agents, which help formulators of industrial coatings, inks and overprint varnishes achieve a higher performing balance of low gloss, rheology, abrasion resistance, coin-marking, water resistance, chemical resistance, heat resistance and soft feel, that they are unable to achieve with silica or wax flatting agents. Alumina Trihydrate (ATH), a versatile flame retardant, smoke suppressant and extender pigment is used in coatings applications. Martoxid® calcined aluminas, for polishing and grinding applications.
[Booth No.:2.1E68-70]

Shanghai Huiguang cellulose ether
Shanghai Huiguang specializes in manufacturing cellulose ether (HPMC, HEMC and MC) which is widely used in industries such as construction, adhesives, coatings, etc. The company adopts a large-scale high-end cellulose ether flexible production line with a gas and solid phase integral equipment reaction technology and uses DCS automatic production and control system. HPMC can act as a thickening agent in coatings, and it can also protect the colloid, improve the pigment suspension and increase viscosity and solubility of the waterborne paint. HPMC has stable viscosity and good dispersibility, therefore acting as a dispersant in emulsions.
[Booth No.:3.2C65-67]

Suzhou Partner waterborne adhesion promoter
Suzhou Partner Pro-Environment New Material Co., Ltd. will showcase its new waterborne adhesion promoter, which is a kind of amine compound. It is more stable in the waterborne coatings, and can be shelved for a longer period. The product can have two-way reactions and bridging effects with resins and binders, therefore significantly improving the adhesion, water resistance and corrosion resistance of waterborne coatings to substrates, such as glasses, metal and polar plastics.

[Booth No.:4.1C61-64]

ZONE 4 UV/EB Technology & Products

KOBAYASHI UV curing solution/ UV resins
KOBAYASHI will exhibit: UV curing solution/ UV resins - suitable for transparent substrates, such as PC and PMMA; Protective film - protects the ITO film from the influence of the etching solution, suitable for screen printing, no residue and easy peeling; Insulating paints - dustproof, heat-insulating, moisture-proof, etc. and preventing oxidation and displacement of conductive coating, as well as short circuits.
[Booth No.:4.1C27]

ZONE 6 China Machinery/ Instrument

Huayibao nm bar-pin type sand mill
The circulating grinding system of Huayibao nm bar-pin type sand mill is suitable for almost all products. The sand mill can adopt the minimum grinding bead up to 0.1mm in diameter, and it can quickly reach its highest output within its nanometer range, minimum D97<100nm. In addition, it can be equipped with a shorter diameter grinding chamber to reduce the flow inertia force, and a longer diameter separation system with a strong cooling double mechanical seal. A cooling exchange system can be added to the pipeline and the material tank, then just one or more passes can reach higher throughput.
[Booth No.:3.1E69-70]

Biuged multi-functional high speed dispersing machine
BGD 745 multi-functional high speed dispersing machine is customized developed for the industry, and has also got many patents. Features: new brushless DC motor, speed feedback system, new auto location clamping device for container, high quality one body mixershaft, monitor sample temperature, timing device for dispersing, and arc bottom container.
[Booth No.:3.1E27-31]